Choose between Plain, 6 Grain, Everything or 6 Grain triangel

Taste Of The Sea

Salmon, cream cheese with chives, kappertjes

Hot Tuna

Tomato, tuna & cheese melted together

Sweet greek

Goat cheese, walnuts, honny


Crispy bacon, lettuse, tomato, and a hint of mayo

Taste Of Italy

Pesto, mozzarella, tomato

Spanish Lover

Chorizo,tomato,mozzarella, pesto

Plain & Simple

Only cheese or ham or strawberry jam

Honey & Ham

Ham, mozzarella & honey - mustard sauce

Red Fruit On A Bagel

Cream cheese / butter & strawberries

Chocolate Lovers

It has to be for Chocolate Lovers. Butter / cream cheese & choco flakes


Peanut butter / with or without banana



Bagel Menu at Strawberry Lounge