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  1. We also provide single components of our washing lines as process-technology elements to optimise your existing equipment: size reduction machines, washing granulators, friction washers, mechanical and thermal dryers, swim-sink systems, pre-washing units, hot washing …

  2. Direct Drive Washer Problem Noises & Sounds. Washing machines are fairly simple appliances made of only a few moving parts capable of making sound. Appliance repair people know that the same problem sounds and noises happen over an over again. I can't count how many times I've listened to washing machines making a loud buzzing or clicking noise.

  3. During the wash cycle the machine makes a LOUD ratcheting sound. This is the only time it makes the sound and is not affected by different washing selections. The sound started as brief noise and has grown to a full time noise ...

  4. The BENTELER flat glass grinding machines convince due to their optimal grinding results based on precision, speed and process reliability. All machine types satisfy with short set-up times because of rapid width and automatic glass thickness adjustment.

  5.  · This video demonstrates the reason a GE washer would make a grinding noise during the wash cycle. The frame was bent and lowered the suspension arms so that the pulley is rubbing on the bottom ...

  6. When the washing machine is making a crunching or grinding noise, and the agitator's upper part isn't moving smoothly, or is actually frozen in place, it is a good idea to examine the agitator cogs (also known as dogs). These are hard plastic cogs, resembling cams.

  7.  · As this image (from Jdan) shows - My Maytag washer was also making a loud noise that sounded a lot like gears grinding when the washer was sensing the load, agitating, or spinning. I leaned the washer back and noticed the plastic cage around the pulleys was scrapped in a perfect circle that matched the large pulley under the drum.

  8. But here you are, your washing machine banging or thumping or some other loud sound you know isn't right and you're worried because it's not a sustainable situation. And that's where Repair Clinic comes in. The most common cause of a washer making a loud noise is simply an off-balance load in the spin cycle.

  9. offers 1,888 grinding washing machine products. About 1% of these are Commercial Laundry Equipment. A wide variety of grinding washing machine options are available to you, such as condition, type, and certification.

  10. Fix Washing Machine That Won't Drain – Washer Not Draining Water. Do you have a washing machine that won't drain? ... And the grinding noise will come and go through the whole drain cycle. It is a top loader and I'm not sure exactly where the noise is coming from. It could be the pump but the motor and everything for it is in about the ...

  11.  · I received an email this morning thanking me for my advice regarding noisy washing machines after they found a solution when their washing machine was making a metallic scraping noise. Although there are different possible causes of a scraping noise, one of the most common is the humble underwire from a bra –

  12. Why is my Whirlpool top-loading washer making a very bad noise? ... the problem is going to get worse very quickly and so either the drum and bearing will need to be replaced or the washing machine. Bearing. If the washer is making a loud noise the tub bearing might need to be replace. This is a very involved repair and will require ...

  13.  · Top Loading Washing Machine - Scratching Noise - ZERO Cost Fix DIY ... HOW TO FIX WASHING MACHINE THAT WON'T GO INTO SPIN CYCLE - Duration: ... How to Prevent a Washing Machines Shaking and ...

  14. Hi my name is Joe thank you for video have lg front loader saying drain not draining hose not kinked's a direct drive codes but now says see manual,when it stop I pushed pause and start and it would finish the load but no more .I do see water not draining with full strength,I took hose and was draining a bucket.could it be drain mother or could it plug up were mother is I ...

  15.  · Is your washing machine making a strange grinding noise. Before you call a repairman, consider doing it yourself. One of the most frequent washing machine repairs is replacing the Dog Agits. A repair service will charge upwards of $200 +, when this is a 5 minute job and a $10 part!

  16. Troubleshoot the common reasons why your washer won't agitate, and learn how to fix the problem yourself. Find information on which parts might be preventing the washing machine from agitating like the agitator cogs or cam. We also have helpful videos to help guide you in your repair.

  17. My dishwasher has been making loud grinding noises during the wash cycle. It cleans the dishes fine but the noise has me concerned. It seems to only make the grinding and vibrating noise when the wash cycle starts up and then every so often it will make the loud noise again.

  18. Your Maytag washing machine is too important to have a problem. It's the unsung hero of the house, keeping your sheets and towels clean and your family looking respectable. So when you hear a hum or a bang or some other loud noise during the spin cycle, you may panic. ... Common solutions for: Maytag Washer is making loud noise . View Video ...

  19. Front Load Washer Problems: Loud Noises ... Washing machines spin at a very high velocity which can cause noise without having anything actually wrong with it. The noise, however, can still be irritating. To solve this issue, all you have to do is insulate the sides of the washer. Stuff the foam between the sides of the washing machine.

  20. If your LG washing machine begins to make a grinding noise or does not spin correctly, the tub bearing probably needs replacing. You can call an expensive appliance repair person to replace the bearing or, with a few common tools, you can perform the repair yourself. Disassembling the LG washer depends heavily on the model type you have.

  21. If the washer is noisy or loud, particularly when the washer is filling, the water inlet valve may be at fault. Over time, mineral deposits can build up inside the valve and cause a restriction. If th... e water inlet valve is restricted, it will make noise during the fill cycle. If the water inlet valve is defective, replace it.

  22. How To Fix A Washing Machine Making Noise During The Spin Cycle. If your washing machine is making noise when the drum spins, you don't have to call an appliance repair technician. All you have to do is read this article to fix your home appliance. Your washer will make a loud noise only when a part is loose or worn out.

  23. What is common with nice and leaking is the Tub Seal and Bearing Kit Most Frequent Causes for Washer is making loud noise Cause 1 Tub Bearing The tub bearing is mounted in the middle of the outer tub. The tub bearing helps to keep the inner tub spinning smoothly. Replacing the tub bearing is a... - Kenmore 110 Series Washing Machine

  24. A GE washer has four feet. The two feet at the front of the machine can be adjusted manually by twisting them clockwise to lower that corner of the machine or counterclockwise to raise it. Once the front of the washer is level, you can set the self-leveling back feet by tipping the washer forward and slowly lowering it back to the floor.

  25. Washing machines that are not balanced can result in loud thumping or knocking sounds, especially when operating at high spin speeds. To remove these loud noises, check the feet to ensure that the washing machine is evenly balanced and resting on a flat surface. Also check that the washing machne is parallel to the ground by using a spirit level.

  26. The Kenmore washing machine troubleshooting process begins with a list of symptoms. When you click on the right one, we'll take you to a page of frequent causes and help you pinpoint the problem. Then we'll have the right replacement part ready and instructions on how to make the repair.

  27. Washing machine making grinding noise when agitating - It is a Hotpoint ( I know, it was given to me ) top loader.

  28. How to deal with strange sounds from your washing machine. By Matt Stevens. If your washing machine has started making a worrying sound, this is the video for you. Put us to the test. Our Test Labs compare features and prices on a range of products. ... If you're considering replacing your washing machine…

  29. Troubleshooting Common Maytag Centennial Washer Problems There are a few common problems with the Maytag Centennial washer… Washer Drive Pulley Problems: In most cases the washer will basically work normally except for a horrible noise when the washer is washing or spinning.

  30. The washing machine's transmission is connected to the motor by the motor coupler. It's designed to protect the motor and the transmission from damage by breaking if the washer should become overloaded. The coupler is made of plastic and is relatively easy to replace. Once the coupler is replaced your noisy washer should be quiet again.